Things we can do for you

When you trust us with your villa design, we make sure that you don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary! We thoroughly study your lifestyle and tailor every space in your home with unique and customized designs.

Our competitive expertise in interior designing is the main key factor in giving attention to every composite detail including Ceilings, Doors, Walls, Soft Furnishings, Furniture and Curtains. In addition, we conceptualize the color schemes for the sophistication and premiumness of your home.

Equipped with passion-driven professionals designers, our team plans your furniture layout and provided black and white 3D perspective to help you visualize your dream villa.

At this stage, we let you pick your preferred styles for your villa. After considering your requirement SSL Homes propose designs in the best way possible, with no limits. From Furniture layout to 3D black and white design reflecting your needs and functions in each area incorporating our standards.

Generally, the interior starts from top to bottom and that is why ceiling comes first. Our highly skilled designers conceptualizes the ceiling to produce a total zone perspective. The process is stage wise and goes through a series of drawings, design control and final approval for during presentation.

At this stage, working drawings and details will be developed prior to building at the factory. Specific zones have different designs customized according to people, function and style.

In the Door kick off, colored detailing of your doors will be shown. You will also be presented with the Master Plan which will confirm the location of every door and architrave in the villa.

Here we introduce you to our color theming process using the concept done at the designing stage. This is a crucial process where you will be presented with the selected fabrics from the curtains and upholstery. Paint and wallpapers will be showcased as well as together with different wood finished and color for the carpets.

This is the last stage of our process, keeping the design concept in mind we work out details, measurements and outlay the soft flooring. We use hand tufted carpets with 100% natural wool material.

Our designers will create working drawings as per the approved concept from the client and will propose finishes as per SSL Homes Standard, Material & Fixtures. Cladding will be placed on walls which has a visual impact.

At this stage, pelmet box is derived from the approved concept of the client. Then, designers will be providing the working drawings with the complete specification of materials. Designers from color theme will then specify all the final fabrics including the selected wood veneer finishes and other materials that will be used for the pelmet box. All with client’s approval.

Job Contract of Curtain. Pelmet Box and Curtain

At this stage, SSL Homes will create and provide exact details of how each piece of furniture will be constructed. We take in tremendous attention on every element of the furniture pieces by guiding you on every step of selecting the material and details used to manufacture them. Every piece of furniture is custom made and designs were carefully studied based on the functions and concept approved by the client.