CRM Team

CRM Team (Customer Relationship Management) – mainly handles client interaction and guides them throughout the journey of building their dream home in a timely and accurate manner. They provide information and assistance whenever required and make sure the customers express their style with full freedom.


Designers are composed of two teams; Concept Team and Detailing Team. They are responsible for mapping out the space to determine furniture location and overall room design. Each designer is specialized in her focused area such as Floor Layout, conceptualizing, Rendering, detailing. Every design done has to pass internal Quality checks before submitting to any customer. We run internal tests to make sure every design is unique, yet special.

Project Management Team

Project Management Team – has the full responsibility from the project initiation to project delivery. Ensuring that the project is heading in the right track by developing efficient procedures and policies to deliver the unique and elegant homes within budget. They also provide progress reports and images to keep the client up-to-date. Focus on the quality and durability to create an optimum experience.

Mass Customization

Mass Customization – we pride ourselves in our own structured way to distribute the total cost that helps to manage the budget for whole villa ensuring that each job contract is covered. Helps the client to work on his budget from the beginning. We know Customization and special designs can be costly. Our Mission is to change That.